TRADE: Nathan Hrovat a potential bargain for the Kangaroos #AFLTrades

Nathan Hrovat is on the fringes at the Bulldogs and they are clearly happy to let him go for very minor notional gains.


Hrovat played 12, 7 and 4 games for the Dogs over the last three years, and has had ankle and shoulder troubles in 2016. The trade is a swap of future picks between the two clubs and so as a two-for-two swap in similar draft ranges, does not place much apparent value on Hrovat.hrovat-trade

This is only a notional downgrade of picks because it imports current finishing positions. The Bulldogs as Premiers get the last draft pick each round, while North finished 8th.

Popular perception has the Dogs continuing to challenge at the top, while North enter a rebuild. If this happens it will increase the gap between the two sets of picks, but not by very much. The trade, if North Melbourne rally or the Dogs slide, also opens up the possibility of Hrovat being effectively valued at less than zero (as Michael Talia turned out to be this year).

This is another cheap get of a formerly well-valued (pick 21) but now unwanted draftee for North Melbourne, and there are reports of more such moves to come.

Verdict: Nearly a freebie for North, and the Bulldogs do not attempt to extract much value in this move.

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