TRADE: Kersten goes for a song #AFLTrades

Of the four Western Australians looking to get home (Hamling, Adams, Marsh the others), Shane Kersten should have had the highest currency.


Kersten been on an upwards trajectory, playing 9, 11 then 17 games for Geelong, seemingly slowly developing into a quality forward. Fremantle will be keen to insert him into a new-look forward-line next year.

On his recent output, we should expect him to play over 100 games from here, equivalent to the output of the typical pick 18, but picks through to about 40 have a similar enough expected output meaning a later pick would have also been fair.


The trade shows that Fremantle have likely picked up another bargain. Pick 63 is currently Geelong’s fourth pick in the draft after 38, 42 and 56. They may well look to use this pick live, but track record this late suggests they won’t get much out of it compared to Fremantle’s gains with Kersten.

Verdict: Clearly lopsided in Fremantle’s favour.

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