Welcome to HPNFooty.com!

After two years on the catchy URL “hurlingpeoplenow.wordpress.com” we decided that it was time that we got a proper web domain and a better site.

Welcome to HPNFooty.com!

Along with all our previous content, the new site has a whole lot of interactive stuff to explore. The top navigation bar has links to our most popular/anticipated work – including a list of PAVs going back to 1988. Also up there is our new HPN Draft Pick Value Chart (as featured above) based on PAVs, and an AFL Trade Calculator – in order that you can work out whether your proposed hypothetical trade is “fair” or not, according to PAV and PAPLEY!

What’s PAPLEY? Well, PAPLEY is version one of our new career player projection model, developed over the last year. A brief description is at that page, and it also feeds the information in our Trade Calculator.

We think the new site is more responsive, has more cool information and looks better than the last one. This will be the last substantive post on this site – all new content will primarily go to the new site.

We will be continuing to make updates to the site across the summer as well – this is just the starting point.

Until then, have a look around and enjoy!

Cody and Sean.


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