TRADE: Suns swap picks with the Bulldogs #AFLTrades

This is a simple 2-for-1 trade, a win-win for both parties’ draft goals.


Gold Coast swap pick 26 and 80 to the Dogs for 35 and 46. This improves the Dogs’ draft position at their second pick – they now have 18, 26 and 61. In theory the Dogs lose a bit of value overall, but this all depends on how many picks they plan on using in the draft.

The Suns gain Academy bid matching points but more importantly they gain more flexibility in matching bids for Brad Scheer, who should go in the 15-30 range.

A fun sidebar here is that the Bulldogs become the fifth owner of Pick 35, a pick which started with the Crows, was traded to GWS for Curtly Hampton, then to Fremantle for McCarthy, then to the Dogs for Hamling, and now to the Suns.


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