TRADE: Koby Stevens let go for not much #AFLTrades

Koby Stevens has become a bit of a forgotten man as the Bulldogs rose to premiership success. He has found injury his biggest obstacle at the Bulldogs, missing half of 2015 and chunks of 2016 with lung, foot and abdominal injuries, after a solid run of 20 games in 2014.


The trade here undervalues Stevens’ likely 100 games of future return over the next 6 or 7 years. St Kilda have rather astutely secured themselves a bargain in the midst of the Bulldogs premiership dream. Stevens, who played VFL during the Bulldogs’ finals campaign, should find a regular spot in a less developed St Kilda midfield.


The net difference in the pick swap suggests a valuation of around 244 points, or an expected 24 games of value. This is obviously a bar which Stevens should pass handily, even at just 14 games a season.

Verdict: St Kilda have a potential steal here.


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