TRADE: Gold Coast likely plan to go into points deficit for Brad Scheer #AFLTrades

After completing the O’Meara trade Gold Coast acquired pick 10 and apparently decided they didn’t need pick 35 any more. As such they’ve moved resources over to 2017 via Fremantle’s second-round pick.


The Dockers get a higher pick this year in exchange for a second-rounder next year.

Gold Coast now take picks 4, 6, 8, 10, and 73 into the draft. This has interesting ramifications for Academy bid-matching. Jack Bowes won’t last to pick 10, but assuming Brad Scheer makes it past pick 10, they’re seemingly willing to go into points deficit in 2017 to match for him.

If Scheer goes in the first round after pick 10, the value will come off Gold Coast’s first pick next year. Otherwise, they now have four second round picks including their own next year and the value will be deducted from there.

Verdict: Fair and novel.

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