TRADE: Jack Frost set to warm up in Brisbane #AFLTrades

Jack Frost clearly meets a need for Brisbane; notably that of an AFL level player with a mature body. Frost showed some extremely solid signs before regressing slightly in the past couple of years.


Frost should be able to fill the role left absent by Daniel Merrett, that of an enforcer in the backline to take the pressure of the other young KPD stocks.


Frost might not set the world on fire, but he should fill a role for the Lions, and right now that should be enough.

Verdict: A fair trade, but Brisbane gets the slightly better end of it. ERROR: HPN missed the extra pick going to Brisbane earlier. In light of that, the Lions have done really well out of this deal, and the Pies leave us scratching our heads.

2 thoughts on “TRADE: Jack Frost set to warm up in Brisbane #AFLTrades

  1. Sorry guys, while I haven’t made the effort to get my head around your points system, can very confidently say as a Collingwood supporter that Jack Frost at a “true value” of pick 11 is a canary in a mind shaft waving a red flag as it is jumping a shark

    Frosts disastrous ball use and decision making is why he was struggling to get a game a team that was riddled with injuries


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