HPNXmas – The 2016 HPN Mailbag

The 12 days of HPNXmas is our way of giving back over the holiday period, and providing a place for some of our thoughts that didn’t get run for whatever reason during the year.

Over the last year a lot of people have found HPN via Google, attempting to find answers to questions that they’ve had for a long time but couldn’t find an answer for.

Today, we thought we’d sit down and try to provide an answer to these absolutely real questions for those in need.

If you have any questions for us for future editions of HPN Mailbag, you can email us at HurlingPeopleNow [at] gmail [dot] com, ask us on twitter at @hurlingpeople, or search on Google and click on a HPN link.

Q. “perth wildcats world best team

HPN assumes that the person is not referring to the actual ability of the Perth Wildcats, as they are almost certainly not even the best basketball team in the world. Instead, we suggest they are referring to the much vaunted Wildcats playoff streak of, in which we mythbusted earlier this year.

From the best of our research, the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos had a streak of 34 consecutive seasons in the playoffs. In the world of basketball, FC Barcelona Bàsquet currently hold a streak of at least 32 seasons in the playoffs in Spain’s top league – two years ahead of the Wildcats. It’s unlikely that Barcelona will miss the playoffs anytime soon, and the Wildcats look in real trouble this season, so Perth probably won’t be the “world best team” anytime soon.

Q. “list every sport output”

Goal. Point. Try. Kick. Penalty. Tackle. Handball. Dribble. Steal. Rebound. Maul. Scrum. Free Kick. Short Corner. Fault. Over. Behind. Wicket. Error. Powerplay. Run…

On second thoughts, no. We can’t do this…

Q. “how to draw afl goal post”

Draw a line. A vertical line. Paint is pretty good for this, if you want to cheat a little.

Step 1:

Select the line tool.


Step 2:

Left-click on the “canvas”. Hold down shift at the same time.


Step 3:

Pull the cursor up whilst still holding shift and holding the left mouse button down. Let go of the button and shift when the line has reached a reasonable height.


Step 4:

Admire your handiwork. Maybe draw a few friends for the lonely post to create a full set of goals.

Q. “rugby sunwolves composition

Again, this is something we looked at last year. From the post:

“This is what we have gathered to be the composition of the Sunwolves squad:

  • 11 players from Japan’s 2015 World Cup campaign
  • 4 other internationally-capped Japan players
  • 1 tier one foreign international (Tomás Leonardi – Argentina)
  • 3 tier two foreign internationals (Fa’atiga Lemalu and Tusi Pisi from Samoa and Andrew Derutalo from the USA)
  • 4 players with experience in Japan’s U20 side, all previously playing for universities
  • 3 Super Rugby experienced players (Ed Quirk – Reds, Liaki Moli – Blues, Riaan Viljoen – Sharks)
  • 13 players with top level domestic rugby experience in the Japanese Top Rugby or elsewhere such as New Zealand’s provincial competition”

That was for the 2016 season, and for 2017 (the official HPN preview is coming soon) the Sunwolves radically changed their squad to give it a more local feel, increasing their number of homegrown internationals, acquiring a couple more Super Rugby-experienced Japanese players from other clubs, while shedding all their foreign internationals.

Q. “do clubs make a lot of

Clubs make a lot of things, depending on what type of club it is. Nightclubs make a lot of drinks, RSL clubs make a lot of Parmis and money from pokies.

AFL clubs make a lot of money, but they also spend a lot too. We broke down how AFL clubs make their money last year.

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