HPNXmas – Tasmania has the most umpires

The 12 days of HPNXmas is our way of giving back over the holiday period, and providing a place for some of our thoughts that didn’t get run for whatever reason during the year.

The ABS surveys of sport participation, children’s participation, and spectators  yields lots of interesting little nuggets of insight, such as motor sports being the most attended Northern Territory sport, and South Australia being the nation’s hotspot for netball participation.

It’s also let us find out where the most umpires are found:


And in graphical format:

This may reflect overall sport involvement in different states, but it also looks like there is a Barassi Line divide – the two states with the lowest percentage of the population involved in non-playing sporting roles are the states where Australian rules is not a predominant sport.

Perhaps the greater number of umpires etc south of the Barassi Line reflects the number of people doing boundary and goal umpiring at their kids’ Aussie rules games, compared to the lack of extra officials needed in other games such as soccer, basketball, netball, and the rugby codes


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