HPNXmas – The Worst AFL Hot Take of the Year

The 12 days of HPNXmas is our way of giving back over the holiday period, and providing a place for some of our thoughts that didn’t get run for whatever reason during the year.

With the ever expansion of the footy media, blogosphere and footy twitter, the temperature of AFL takes is ever rising. Scientists have called this “Global Take Warming”. With that in mind, we’ve decided to weigh the take magnitude by public profile, though it hardly mattered considering the final result.

Honorable Mention:

But they all can’t be winners, and this year’s winner came late in the piece.


Says the guy who is currently the Deputy Chairman of a club that has just posted a $1.78 million operating loss this year. And posted similar results in previous years. Maybe, just as a hint Leigh between m8s, you SHOULDN’T SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T EARN.

But wait, there’s more:

Oh, that’s OK then. Your hypocritical stance doesn’t really apply to you, but what’s that? You are also the Deputy Chairman of a AFLW club too? Oh, OK then.

Beyond the hypocrisy and obvious conflicts of interest of the takes above, they are fundamentally wrong with respect to the Lions’ situation. A majority of the income for the Lions comes from AFL distributions and pokies revenue – not directly related to the performance of their men’s team. And that’s before you get to the underlying sexism of this garbage fire of a “tweet question”.

Leigh Matthews was a great player, fantastic coach and someone worth looking up to for millions of Australians. Just not here. These are bad fucking areas.


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